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    Hostel Sign Up

    Welcome on board!

    Once we have agreed on a monthly fee, which is calculated dependent on a few different factors, eg. number of beds.

    We will feature you on our website and social media profiles.


    You've got guests

    Once a guest has made a booking they will be sent an email inviting them to hostel hangout. This will be set up to be sent automatically - so no extra work on your side!

    We've got mail

    Leave it to us!

    Once they've filled in a tiny questionnaire we will introduce your guests who are booked in at the same time in a private, closed chat.



    Let's chat

    Safe & Secure

    In this chat is where we can push any important information, sell in tours/trips, identify any potential problem guests and make sure the group get along nicely.


    Reviews & recommendations

    We will encourage every guest to review your hostel and recommend it to others. Leaving you with some great marketing content!

    We also encourage all guests to share their travel/hostel photos with us on social media

    Any questions?