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My Carry On Bag

My OCD Organisation

Whenever I travel, especially when I’m flying long-haul, I always make sure I spend a good amount of time to make sure my carry on bag will keep me sane.

I’m not sure if it’s because having worked as a PA for the past 4 years and I love being as organised as possible but I find great relief in knowing that stepping onto a plane I have everything I need to keep myself comfortable and sane for the duration of the flight.. even if there’s a screaming baby (fingers crossed there isn’t though!)

The main thing I ALWAYS carry everywhere with me. I mean everywhere. If you ever meet me I will usually have it in my hand or close by, my water bottle. You’ll have to make sure it’s empty to go through security but once through you can get it filled up in a café/water fountain/on the plane. Its so important to stay hydrated while flying.

I always make sure I have a spare t-shirt & pair of underwear at the bottom of my bag. This is just incase of any spillages (they happen more often than I’d like to admit..) and just incase of a large delay — you don’t have to spend 30+ hours in the same t-shirt & underwear.

I always make sure I have a fluffy pair of socks — it can get cold and it always helps to keep your feet warm!

Next, how are you going to keep yourself entertained?
I will always have my kindle (I’ll make sure I’ve downloaded films/TV shows & books), my phone and my headphones. I sometimes, if I have room, will also bring a paperback book too — I just love the feel of reading an actual book. So that’s music, reading material and some TV/film entertainment sorted just incase you have enough of the in-flight entertainment — Just remember to bring your chargers!

One thing I discovered last year was that the flight was a great time to fill in my diary and note down everything that had happened the past few days. I sometimes find it hard to do every night and so doing it on the plane was perfect was a perfect time to reflect. Also, having a pen handy is always good.

I usually place my purse and important documents (flight info, insurance info etc)in a plastic wallet at the back. Having it all in a plastic wallet protects it from any spills that happen and it usually means its easy to slip in and out and everything is all in one place. This is the OCD-organised part of my brain talking.

The only thing left is toiletries. This can be a minefield but I always have a few things that I make sure I have.
- Toothbrush & toothpaste
- Wipes. A small packet of some form of wet wipe. Multi-purpose refreshment for face, hands and body.
- Deodorant. I feel this is self-explanatory.
- Hand sanitizer. Always good to have on you when travelling.
- Flannel/face cloth so I can wash my face with some water if I want too and I can always use it as a small towel if needed.
- Small amount of cotton pads and some facial cleanser. I chose to bring this on top of just having face wipes/wash because my skin can be quite sensitive and the last thing I want is to encourage breakouts.
- Moisturiser for my face. One that suits my skin.
- Moisturiser for my hands/body. I find this really refreshing and LOVE the pink grapefruit one from the body shop. The smell instantly makes you feel clean and refreshed.
- Nail file. This seems quite left field but there’s nothing worse than catching a nail and not being able to sort it out. Just make sure it’s not a metal one.
- Earplugs. This is for when you’ve had enough of music but still need to drown out as much of the plane as possible.
- Tissues
- Painkillers.
Just incase.

I pack all of this into my trusty backpack. It doesn’t look like much but is so convenient. It has a lot of different sections to split everything up and access things easily and it also doubles up as a great day pack for all the fun adventures.

I usually travel in black running trousers and a black t-shirt with a hoody and trainers. Comfort is key for me, so I always clip on my little travel pillow. I was given it as a gift as I hadn’t bought into the hype, but it has changed my nap game whilst travelling and has come in so handy!

What else would you recommend having?
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